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Transforming Data into Strategic Advantage Across Industries

At Data Inc, we specialise in providing tailored data solutions across a variety of sectors. Our expertise helps organisations harness their data to drive transformation and achieve strategic goals. Discover how we serve different industries with our comprehensive suite of services.

Take the first step towards mastering your data landscape with our complimentary Data Maturity Assessment. This tailored evaluation will help you identify strengths, uncover improvement opportunities, and chart a clear path towards data-driven excellence.



We enable banks to leverage their data for operational efficiency, enhanced customer experiences, and robust security measures. Our solutions include cloud migration, data-driven culture development, payment system modernisation, and advanced analytics.



Our data strategies help transportation companies optimise logistics and operational efficiency. We offer services in data transformation, AI modeling, and managed data services to streamline processes and enhance performance.



We support life sciences firms with comprehensive data inventory management, regulatory compliance, business analytics, and continuous AI improvement, enabling them to innovate and make informed decisions.



Our data solutions for manufacturing include strategic data management, risk and governance frameworks, AI-driven process innovation, and enhanced data integration to boost production quality and efficiency.



We assist telecommunications companies in optimizing their data management, ensuring compliance, and leveraging analytics for strategic insights. Our services include data maturity assessment, compliance design, and AI continuous improvement.



In the media sector, we provide innovative AI modeling, strategic data management, and intuitive UX/UI development to enhance content creation and media production processes. Our risk and governance services ensure data security and compliance.

Ready to Harness Your Data and Transform Your Business?

Connect with us to explore how we can assess your data maturity and dynamically support your workforce strategy. At Data Inc, we empower your enterprise to become truly self-sufficient in data utilisation, ensuring that every stakeholder can deliver impactful insights aligned with your corporate strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your Data Challenges, Answered

Have questions about how we can help with your data needs? Browse our FAQs to learn more about our services, how we tackle common data challenges, and ways we can assist in driving your business forward.

Can Data Inc assist with AI and machine learning projects?

Yes, our Data Operations services include Generative AI & Custom Modelling, AI Continuous Improvement, and Business Analytics Consulting. We design and develop AI/ML models tailored to your business needs, ensuring your AI solutions remain effective and aligned with evolving requirements.

What services does Data Inc offer?

Data Inc offers a comprehensive suite of services, including Data Advisory, Data Enablement, Data Operations, and Data Resourcing. Each service is designed to help organisations manage their data more effectively and responsibly.

How can Data Inc help my organisation with data strategy?

Our Data Advisory services include developing a Data Strategy and Roadmap, conducting Current State Assessments, and providing Strategic Tools Assessments. We help you align your data management practices with your business goals and maximise data efficiency.

What is included in Data Inc's Free Data Maturity Assessment?

Our Free Data Maturity Assessment is a comprehensive evaluation service designed to gauge your organisation’s current capabilities in managing and utilising data. It identifies strengths and highlights opportunities for improvement in your data management practices.

How does Data Inc support cloud migration projects?

Data Inc specialises in Cloud Migration and Legacy Systems Decommissioning. We facilitate seamless migrations to cloud platforms, ensuring scalability, operational efficiency, and minimal disruption to your business operations.

What are Managed Data Services?

Managed Data Services involve outsourcing data management tasks to Data Inc. This includes data storage, processing, security, and analytics. Our goal is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your data management while reducing the burden on your internal resources.

How does Data Inc help with talent acquisition and management?

Data Inc offers a range of Data Resourcing services, including Contingent/Contract Recruitment, Permanent Hire, Dynamic Capability Service (DCS), and Fractional/Interim Executive Cover. We help you build a strong IT workforce and manage your talent needs effectively.

Data Inc Blog

Insights and Innovations

Dive into our blog for expert articles and in-depth analyses on everything from cutting-edge AI technologies to best practices in data governance. Stay informed and ahead with insights that can transform your approach to data management.

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Why data democratisation is crucial to your business

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Harnessing the Power of Advanced Analytics for Decision Making

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How to Refine Your Data Strategy for Improved Outcomes

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Next-Gen Data Management Solutions for Modern Businesses

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Building a Sustainable Business Model with ESG Integration

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The Year Ahead: Data Trends and Predictions for 2024

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