Data Inc’s Commitment to Carbon Neutrality and Sustainability

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At Data Inc, we are steadfast in our commitment to achieving carbon neutrality and setting clear net-zero targets as part of our dedication to sustainability.

Our approach focuses on key areas to reduce our carbon footprint, ensuring that our actions are both impactful and meaningful.

Key Areas of Focus

Energy Efficiency

We encourage the use of energy-efficient appliances and lighting in home offices to minimise energy consumption.

Renewable Energy

Investing in renewable energy credits and, where feasible, installing renewable energy sources for employees’ homes.

Sustainable Transportation

Promoting the use of public transportation, cycling, and electric vehicles for work-related travel to reduce transportation emissions.

Carbon Offsetting

Engaging in carbon offsetting projects to neutralise the remaining carbon footprint from necessary business operations, such as unavoidable travel.

Waste Reduction

Implementing digital workflows to minimise paper use and encouraging recycling and responsible waste management in home offices.

Education and Engagement

Providing training and resources for employees to understand their carbon footprint and learn how to reduce it.

Our Achievements

Ecovadis and ISO 14001 certified, we have achieved the following


  • 27 lb of carbon emissions reduced
  • 34 gal of water conserved
  • 11 lb of wood saved
  • 1 lb of waste eliminated


  • 35 lb of carbon emissions reduced
  • 44 gal of water conserved
  • 14 lb of wood saved
  • 2 lb of waste eliminated

Our Targets


(1-2 years)

Achieve a 25% reduction in per-employee carbon emissions from a 2023 baseline.


(3-5 years)

Achieve a 50% reduction in total company carbon emissions and offset 100% of the remaining emissions to achieve carbon neutrality.


(by 2030)

Achieve net-zero emissions by further reducing direct emissions and enhancing carbon offset initiatives, focusing on sustainable development goals.

Our Ongoing Commitment

Data Inc’s journey towards sustainability is ongoing. We will regularly review and update our policies and targets to reflect the latest technologies and best practices in sustainability. Our dedication to continuous improvement ensures that we are always aligned with the highest standards in environmental stewardship.

By integrating these strategies, Data Inc not only aims to minimise our environmental impact but also to lead by example, demonstrating that sustainable business practices are both achievable and essential. We invite our stakeholders, employees, and the broader community to join us in this critical mission towards a sustainable future.

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